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Preston Wallace

Full Stack Software Engineer (and All-Around Nice Guy)

Preston Wallace


I'm Preston Wallace. I am a Full Stack Software Engineer. I have a longstanding love for everything tech, and it was after 10 years of web development that I decided to kick my programming up a notch. During my career as a marketer and graphic designer with a retail jeweler, I was introduced to the beauty and power of software engineering while building and managing the company’s website and e-commerce site. As the marketing manager, I quickly found that digital advertising was the best way to get return for my dollars, which led me to develop the company’s WordPress site and then head up the development of the custom e-commerce platform. This whet my appetite for solving problems using software and technology. I went through the Software Engineering Immersive program at Fullstack Academy, a top-ranked coding bootcamp--and I couldn’t love it more. I am currently a full stack software engineer specializing in React, Express, PostgreSQL, and Node. My mission is to use software engineering at a company to solve ultra-complex problems, doing far more than I would have imagined possible.

  • Name Preston Wallace
  • Location San Luis Obispo, CA
  • e-mail wallace.preston@gmail.com
  • Phone 805 286 0588
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What I do

Front-end Development

I work mainly with Vue, React, Redux, and HTML5, creating Single Page Applications.

Back-End Development

My main tools are Node.js, Express, and MySQL. I have some experience with C# and Perl.


I create using Photoshop and Illustrator. I love working with CSS3, Bootstrap, and Styled Components.

Agile Development

I have experience in the SCRUM workflow. I believe we can achieve so much more as a team.

  • Education

  • Fullstack Academy of Code


    Participated in 100-hr course to develop programming knowledge, including closure, prototypal inheritance, and recursion. Attended 13-week in-person bootcamp, diving deep into Node, Express, React, and PostgreSQL. Fullstack Academy is a top-ranked Software Engineering bootcamp with campuses in New York City, Chicago, and a remote SLO campus.

  • GIA (Gemological Institute of America

    2004 - 2011

    Developed in-depth, hands-on experience with Diamond Grading and the 4Cs (color, clarity, cut and carat weight). Used the GIA Colored Stone Grading System to evaluate gemstone quality. Successfully identified colored gemstones at random, including simulants and treatments. Learned how quality, rarity and color affect value. Determined how market factors affect gem value.

  • Cuesta College

    2002 - 2008

    Associate of Arts (A.A.), General Studies, 3.83 GPA w/ High Honors

  • Experience

  • Node Engineer - Liquidity Services

    Apr 2019 - Present

    Developing internal software solutions for warehouse management of large-scale dataset, involving complex Schemas and logical automated decision making for internal routing of inventory in a reverse supply chain process. Running app in Docker, leveraging Node.js, Express.js, and MySQL to manage the back end. Vue.js on the front end. Communicating with DevOps and Business Managers to determine business goals and develop timely, efficient solutions accordingly. Engineering solutions in a team, while working largely independent on a daily basis, planning and executing unique solutions to problems presented.

  • Software Engineering Instructor - Fullstack Academy

    Jun 2020 - Present

    Cal Poly Extended Education Coding Bootcamp powered by Fullstack Academy. Teaching students to design web applications that solve user needs as professional developers. Lecturing on complex CS concepts, including design and theory. Performing live demos, and imparting practical skills. Assisting in developing and building out curriculums. Investing in students' lives, helping highly-talented people reach higher levels of excellence.

  • Instructional Associate - Fullstack Academy

    Apr 2019 - Jun 2020

    Assisting in remote cohort environment for a Remote Coding Bootcamp as a part of Cal Poly's Extended Education Program. Developing instructional content. Writing JavaScript algorithm challenges. Teaching students complex topics in a 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 environment, via video chat and pair programming. Providing Office Hours to explain deep concepts such as Prototypal Inheritance, Object Oriented Programming, Recursion, and Closure.

  • Assistant Manager - K.Jons Diamonds & Gems

    Feb 2010 - Oct 2018

    Designed and Managed third (current) major version of company e-commerce website. Managed network of 8 company PCs. Assisted 3-person team in managing assets of $1.5M. Developed interest and leads, making jewelry sales figures of up to $25K per item.

  • Graphic Designer, Web Developer - K.Jons Diamonds & Gems

    Feb 2008 - Feb 2010

    Transitioned website from static HTML to Dynamic WordPress site with blog, automatic database backups, and scheduled automatic deployment. Increased traffic to website by estimated 100% over 2 years (mostly local). Landed a webpage first-position worldwide in Google SERP listings for keywords. Managed $50K marketing budget. Edited via Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash. Created digital/print ads and approximately 10 billboards displayed on Hwy 101.

  • Web Developer - Preston's Creations

    Sep 2008 - Jul 2011

    Developed website plan, from Intake to Wire Frames. Designed using Photoshop. Sliced Photoshop file. Created and coded HTML/CSS files sitewide. Secured hosting and domain name for client. Uploaded via FTP and deployed. Tracked site traffic via Google Analytics and reported to client.



An Artificial Intelligence application with trained models to detect emotion in the user’s face.

TowAR Defense

An Augmented Reality 2-player game implementation of Tower Defense. Built in Unity, with C#. Created using Node.js with Socket.io for the back-end.

Interplanetary Academy

Digital school records system, with students, campuses and details. Developed with React, Redux, Express, PostgreSQL, Sequelize, and Node.

The Bug Stops Here

A fully-functional e-commerce app with shopping cart. Hand-coded from scratch, using the NERP stack (Node, Express, React, PostgreSQL).

React SEO Demo

SSR Single Page Application demonstrating how Isomorphic Apps are set up in React. Used React-Helmet and Google Fetch.

K.Jons Online Store

Third (and current) major version of company website: e-commerce site, managing approximately 1000 jewelry items. I headed up planning and management.

Tic Tac Toe

A simple Tic Tac Toe game built with jQuery and JavaScript


Snake, built entirely in JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3



React Hooks


React Native

Some Familiarity