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Preston Wallace

Full Stack Software Engineer (and All-Around Nice Guy)

Preston Wallace
Hey there!

I'm Preston Wallace. I am a Full Stack Software Engineer with a longstanding love for everything tech. I currently work as a Software Engineer at MNTN in what I absolutely love: Node.js and GraphQL on the backend and React on the front end. I build backend solutions that work with SQL databases (PostgreSQL, Sequelize) to efficiently manage large datasets. On the frontend, I create reusable components that can efficiently display and interact with this data. At night, I teach React, Node, Express, and many other things CS-related.

  • Name Preston Wallace
  • Location San Luis Obispo, CA
  • e-mail wallace.preston@gmail.com

What I do

Front-end Development

I work mainly with TypeScript, React, and Apollo, creating Single Page Applications.

Back-End Development

Using TypeScript, Node.js, Express, and PostgreSQL, I build REST and GraphQL APIs.


I create using Figma and Photoshop. I love working with CSS3, SASS, TailwindCSS, and Styled Components.

Agile Development

I work iteratively and efficiently. I believe we can achieve so much more as a team.

  • Experience

  • Software Engineer (Node/React/GraphQL)

    MNTN | Jul 2021 - Present

    Integrating user-facing elements developed by front-end developers with server side logic. Writing reusable, testable, and efficient code. Designing and implementing low-latency, high-availability, and performant applications. Implementing security and data protection. Collaborating with Product Designers, Product Managers, and Software Engineers to deliver performant server side applications.

  • Lead Software Engineering Curriculum Writer

    Multiverse | Dec 2021 - Present

    Created intensive Admissions Assessment from the ground up, including automated testing challenges to evaluate candidates to determine readiness for our bootcamp. Writing part-time technical SWE apprenticeship program for companies like Google, Facebook and Verizon. Leading team of Curriculum Writers, reviewing & editing lessons. Adding lessons on advanced topics like Docker, AWS and React

  • Lead Software Engineering Instructor

    Fullstack Academy | Apr 2019 - Nov 2021

    Lead remote cohorts for a remote software engineering course as a part of Cal Poly's Extended Education Program. Instruct on topics such as CSS/HTML, DOM, Object Oriented Programming, React, Node, REST, Express, and PostgreSQL. Teach students to design web applications that solve user needs as professional developers. Lecture on complex CS concepts, including design and theory. Perform live demos, and impart practical skills, such as Node/React demo (3x/week), respond to student questions, complete on-demand demonstrations. Develop and build out curriculums. Invest in students' lives, helping highly-talented people reach higher levels of excellence.

  • Software Engineer (Node/Vue/REST)

    Liquidity Services | Apr 2019 - Jul 2021

    Created automated data-collection tool to populate inventory data for thousands of records at a time, increasing efficiency of warehouse associate receive-and-sort time by 50%. Bootstrapped integration testing solution for Rest and GraphQL API endpoints, increasing backend code coverage from 0% to over 70%. Increased Google Lighthouse Best Practices score over 5% by upgrading dependencies site-wide, patching security vulnerabilities. Spearheaded use of Docker in development to test and debug application performance, using artillery to mock high throughput and user traffic. Increased QA effectiveness by describing test procedures for 100% of new front-end tickets. Implemented multi-launch tool used by hundreds of enterprise users, drastically reducing internal customer service hours spent on repetitive tasks. Developed internal software solutions for warehouse management of dataset on order of millions. Leveraged Node.js, Express.js, MySQL, and Vue.js to enable user interaction with complex Schemas and logical automated decision making for internal routing of inventory in a reverse supply chain process. Communicated with DevOps and Business Managers to determine business goals and develop timely, efficient solutions accordingly. Engineered solutions in a team, while working largely independent on a daily basis, planning and executing unique solutions to problems presented.

  • Network Admin, Assistant Manager

    K.Jons Diamonds & Gems | Feb 2010 - Oct 2018

    Designed and Managed major version of company e-commerce site, with 1000+ items, and total inventory value of $800K. Oversaw Migration from local database to continuous updates of Third Party data via API. Managed network of 8 PCs. Managed permissions. Resolved workstation issues, fax connection to server, Network devices. Assisted 3-person team in managing assets of $1.5M.

  • Web Developer

    K.Jons Diamonds & Gems | Feb 2008 - Feb 2010

    Transitioned website from static HTML to Dynamic WordPress site with blog, automatic database backups, and scheduled automatic deployment. Increased traffic to website by estimated 100% over 2 years (mostly local). Landed site first-position worldwide in Google SERP listings for keywords. Managed $50K marketing budget. Edited via Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash. Created digital/print ads and approximately 10 billboards displayed on Hwy 101.

  • Web Developer

    Preston's Creations | Sep 2008 - Jul 2011

    Developed website plan, from Intake to Wire Frames. Designed using Photoshop. Sliced Photoshop file. Created and coded HTML/CSS files sitewide. Secured hosting and domain name for client. Uploaded via FTP and deployed. Tracked site traffic via Google Analytics and reported to client.

  • Education

  • LinkedIn Learning

    Jun 2022 - Present

    Studying topics like TypeScript, Authentication, Deployment, Agile Development and more.

  • AWS

    Sep 2022

    Learning AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials, Overview of AWS Cloud, AWS Cloud concepts, AWS services, security, architecture, pricing, and support.

  • Cisco

    Jul 2022

    Dove deep into Cyber Best Practices, Cybersecurity, Network Vulnerabilities, Privacy And Data Confidentiality, and Threat Detection

  • Binsec Academy

    Sep 2020

    Performed a comprehensive secure coding review of an ExpressJS server running on NodeJS. Dove into the depths of the most common security risks for web applications (OWASP Top 10). This course included identifying and fixing multiple vulnerabilities in the web application's source code.

  • Fullstack Academy


    Leveled-up my Javascript skills, diving deep into Node, Express, React, and PostgreSQL. Computer Science topics included data structures, closure, prototypal inheritance, and recursion. Fullstack Academy is a top-ranked school with campuses in New York City, Chicago, and remote campuses.

  • GIA (Gemological Institute of America)

    2004 - 2011

    Developed in-depth, hands-on experience with Diamond Grading and the 4Cs (color, clarity, cut and carat weight). Used the GIA Colored Stone Grading System to evaluate gemstone quality. Successfully identified colored gemstones at random, including simulants and treatments. Learned how quality, rarity and color affect value. Determined how market factors affect gem value.

  • Cuesta College

    2002 - 2008

    Associate of Arts (A.A.), General Studies, 3.83 GPA w/ High Honors


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